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A hat is one of the first pieces of gear you acquire in West of Loathing. Hats can be further enhanced by adding a snake skin embellishment—only one though, and it is permanent. You may plate your hat at The Silver Plater to add +1 Maximum AP for 500 meat.

For the daring, putting on the hard hat puts the game into Hard Mode.

The following table shows a list of all hats in the game. Below the table is the formal category listing.

Hat List[]

Image Name Enchantment Source Selling Price
Icon hat hexrock.png arcane geode hat +1 Maximum AP
+9 Mysticality
+9 Spell Damage
  • Geologist quest final reward
Icon hat wizard1.png barely-enchanged hat +1 Mysticality
Icon tophat battered.png battered old top hat +3 Moxie 35
Icon hat collander.png bean-iron collander +7 Mysticality 100
Icon hat bear.png bear hat +3 Muscle 0
Icon hat black1.png black hat +1 Armor 30
Icon blackhood.png black hood +9 Spell Damage 50
Icon bowlinghat.png bowling ball hat (DLC) +X Armor 100
Icon hat tophat burned.png burning tophat +8 Mysticality 60
Icon hat cat.png cat hat +3 Moxie 0
Icon hat cowboy colorful.png colorful hat +4 Moxie 40
Icon hat chef.png cowboy chef's hat +2 Spell Damage 30
Icon hat crackerjack.png crackerjack hat +2 Pistol Attack Damage 40
Icon hat electric.png crazy electric helmet +1 Maximum AP
-5 Muscle
-5 Mysticality
-5 Moxie
Icon hat robertoleader.png cultist leader mask +8 Mysticality 0
Icon hat cultist.png cultist mask +6 Mysticality 50
Icon hat oldwizard.png dilapidated old wizard hat +3 Mysticality 35
Icon hat driftwood.png driftwood sculpture +7 Armor 60
Icon hat elvcrown.png El Vibrato crown +7 Muscle
+7 Mysticality
+7 Moxie
Icon elvheadband.png El Vibrato headband -5 Mysticality 0
Icon hat elv.png El Vibrato helmet +10 Spell Damage 90
Icon mininghat old.png Ellsbury's helmet +2 Armor
Icon hat buffaloskull.png enchanted buffalo skull +6 Mysticality 50
Icon hat black2.png extra-black hat +5 Moxie 75
Icon hat pope.png fake Pope hat +2 Armor
+2 Moxie
Icon hat derby1.png floppy derby +1 Moxie
Icon hat cowboy1.png four-gallon hat +1 Muscle
Icon funeraryderby.png funerary derby +8 Moxie 55
Icon gasmask.png gasmask -3 Muscle
-3 Mysticality
-3 Moxie
15% Stench Resistance
Icon hat general1.png General Gob's hat +2 Muscle 40
Icon hat ghost.png ghost cowboy hat +4 Mysticality 55
Icon hat ghostskin.png ghost skin cap +20% Spooky Resistance
+5 Muscle
Icon hat tiny.png goblin hat +3 Muscle
-1 Mysticality
  • Dropped by low-level goblins
Icon goblintiara.png goblin tiara +1 Armor
-2 Moxie
Icon hat toothcrown.png gold tooth crown +7 Moxie
+7 Mysticality
  • Can be purchased from the Kurtzite in the second tent for 23 gold teeth (at Dickerin' 5)
Icon toothtiara.png gold tooth tiara +7 Moxie 250
Icon hat hard.png helpful hat Permanent Hard Mode
Icon hat infernal.png infernal leather hat Your melee attacks set enemies on fire
+9 Muscle
Set enemy on fire (5)
Icon kurtzheadband.png Kurtzfit headband +4 Speed
+20 Maximum HP
Icon hat skin.png marmotskin cap +7 Pistol Attack Damage 30
Icon mininghat old.png miner's helmet +3 Armor 50
Icon hat cavalry.png old cavalry hat +2 Armor
+4 Muscle
Icon hat oldmilitary.png old patrol cap +3 Pistol Attack Damage 20
Icon hat owl.png owl hat +3 Mysticality 0
Icon hat prototype.png prototype Stetson +3 Muscle
+3 Mysticality
+3 Moxie
Icon hat cowboy nice.png really nice cowboy hat +10 Melee Attack Damage
+10 Spell Damage
+10 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon hat riflehelmet.png rifleman's helmet +5 Pistol Attack Damage
1 Only the (toughest) skeletal cannoneer drops the rifleman's helmet
Icon hat viking.png rusty old viking helmet +2 Muscle
+1 Armor
Icon hat chef dirty.png sloppy chef's hat +3 Mysticality 30
Icon hat cowboy dirty.png sloppy cowboy hat +3 Muscle 30
Icon hat tophat dirty.png sloppy tophat +3 Moxie 30
Icon hat smoldering.png smoldering leather hat +7 Muscle
+20% Cold Resistance
Icon hat spittoon.png spittoon hat +6 Mysticality
+11 Spell Damage
Icon hat hippy.png strange head sack +4 Muscle 40
Icon stripeyhat.png stripey hat -3 Moxie 25
Icon hat elf.png teeny-tiny hat +5 Muscle
+5 Mysticality
+5 Moxie
Icon hat necrocrown.png the Necromancer's crown 0
Icon hat thick.png thick leather hat +5 Muscle 50
Icon turnipcrown.png turnip crown +3 Moxie
+3 Muscle
+3 Mysticality
Icon hat hedge.png wreath of laurels (DLC) Regenerate X HP per round of combat
+X Armor
Icon hat yeasted.png yeast-covered hat +5 Mysticality 60

Category List[]