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Dirtwater bootstore.png
Tony's Boots
Unlocked by
Talking to Tony in the Fort of Darkness

Tony's Boots is a shop available in Dirtwater after talking to Tony in the Fort of Darkness, and giving him a bunch of really small guns. It sells different kinds of footwear.


* boot polish 50 Meat
* Tony's beer-soaked boots 250 Meat With Liquid Bread Brewing Co. next door
* Tony's enchanted boots 200 Meat With Murray's Curiosity & Bean next door
* Tony's inscribed boots 1500 Meat With Alexandria's Bookstore next door
* Tony's meaty boots 300 Meat With Hot Doug's Hot Dogs next door
* Tony's shiny boots 1000 Meat
* Tony's shootin' boots 1000 Meat
* Tony's thick-soled boots 300 Meat With Grady's Fine Leather Goods next door
* Tony's tiger-striped boots 1000 Meat



Grady and the elves may be a reference to 'The Christmas elves', a story about a shoe salesman who had elves to make shoes while he slept. Eventually the elves helped less and less, so he made some shoes himself to help out.