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The West Pole
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by

The West Pole is a desert covered area with a strange magnetic effect, on your first visit you'll see several piles of rocks that you can make into various shapes using your different skills.


  • Shaping the rocks can give you perks:
  • Your pardner will usually have something to say while you're here, and, when you return with the Key-Shaped El Vibrato device, there will be a time window here that will take you to Temporal Nexus.
  • There is one stone conspicuously by itself, not in a pile of rocks like the others. If you interact with it you get the option to pick it up, although that just results in a response that it is heaver than it looks. You can also choose to whisper something to it.
    • In order to whisper to it you will need to have encountered at least one of the random petroglyph encounters.
    • This stone is the "one that's alone" solution to the puzzle of the eight petroglyph encounters, one from wandering in each of the eight regions.
    • Whispering the correct word here results in a reward of 120 - 129 XP, and an ancient ring.
    • The word is "fivepiles"