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The Potemkin Gang
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Receiving the quest by reading the poster in the Dirtwater Jail

The Potemkin Gang is a location in West of Loathing where you are sent on a bounty after reading a Wanted Poster. The location consists of half a dozen buildings, but attempting to enter any of them prompts a gang member to stop you with a flimsy excuse.


  • The gang members change positions based on your behaviour.
    • One member is looking for his belt buckle and will move at your suggestion.
    • One will move to any building you attempt to enter.
    • The last bandit will move to the next building to the right when approached (or to the first building from the last).
  • Entering the outhouse on the far side of town yields the option to go out the back door, revealing that the houses are only facades.
  • In order to capture the gang, you must manipulate them each into standing in front of the Jail or Sandwich Store at the same time.
    • Honorable players must use the Jail option, while Ruthless players have the option to use either.
  • Once all are in front of the same store, you can either cut the rope from the back side and stun the gang into submission with the Jail, or blow up the TNT behind the Sandwich Store and kill them.
  • If you stun them with the Jail option, you can choose to take them back to Dirtwater Jail (immediately teleports you there), or if you are Ruthless, you can kill them instead.