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The Old Millinery
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Receiving the quest to capture the Blackhat Bandits, in the Dirtwater Jail

'The Old Millinery is a location where you are sent after reading a Wanted Poster in the Dirtwater Jail. Inside the Millinery, a gang of five bandits awaits. When you enter the main room, they each flee into a separate hat room and you must enter each room and correctly select which hat the bandit is hiding under. If you are unsuccessful in any of the five choices, the bandit in that room will shoot you and free the others, forcing you to begin again.

The Hat Rooms[]

The hat under which the bandit is hiding can be identified as the hat different from the others. There are additional clues for the harder cases as well:

  • Hat Room 1 - The bandit is hiding under the Black Hat.
  • Hat Room 2 - If you wait for a few seconds, one hat will wiggle. The bandit is hiding under that hat.
  • Hat Room 3 - The bandit is hiding under the hat that has less of an indent on the top.
  • Hat Room 4 - Moving around the room to each of the hats, you will hear the bandit snoring if you are close.
  • Hat Room 5 - In order to locate this bandit, you must set the piano to play "Public Domain Joe." The bandit will start to whistle, giving away his location.

Once the gang is fully rounded up you have the option to turn them in, or if you are Ruthless you can kill them.


  • There is a mechanical piano in the Millinery that plays short and annoying public domain versions of children's songs.
  • There is also a locked door (requiring Lockpickin' Expertise) that leads to the Millinery Office. It can only be entered after successfully capturing all 5 bandits. The office contains a safe (requires Safecrackin' 2 to open), which contains a prototype Stetson.