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Old Medicine Show
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Wanderin' as a Snake Oiler

The Old Medicine Show is a location in West of Loathing, south of the railroad as you cross into the west side of the mountains. It is revealed when you wander in this area as a Snake Oiler.




  • Inside there is a portable alchemistry set, which can be used once you read the book Oils I Have Known
  • Outside the medicine show, there is a tattered banner. If you walk up to it, your character speculates what it used to say.
    • A name and decscription, randomized by composing choices from the following two sets:
      { "Doctor Batik's", "Doc-o-matik's", "Doctor Schtik's", "Doc Rikitik's", "Dockside Tik's", "Docile Automatik's", "Doc Realpolitik's" }
      { "Mutton Chop?", "Milkshake Hour?", "Mostly Alcohol?", "Mystery Cohort?", "Mouse Hotel?", "Moose School?", "Mouth Beholder?" }
    • The name fragments approximate the name of Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show From Kingdom Of Loathing.