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Breadwood biscuit.png
The Buttery Biscuit
Unlocked by
Arriving in Breadwood

The Buttery Biscuit is the bar in Breadwood. It's a rundown saloon where they don't take too kindly to strangers.


Internal locations[]

Breadwood Trading Post[]

The Breadwood Trading Post is just a post, but you can trade with it and buy many items that will be beneficial to your adventures.


  • 32xp for paying off the tab of the dishwasher (150 meat). He will then leave for Dirtwater to join the band as a washboard player.


  • You can play a game called "Pharaoh" costing 50 meat with two gentlemen sitting at one of the saloon tables. You will have to guess as many Pharaohs' names as possible, requiring increasing amounts of Moxie to win, and rewarding 20 meat for each successful "guess" (you are making them up and tricking him into believing it).
    • If you have played no more than twice you can leave and return; after that, however, failing will result in the table closing for the rest of your playthrough.
    • After your first guess the required moxie for each guess increases, first to 10 and then by an additional, random 3-6 further after each successful round.
    • It is possible to use moxie giving consumables to increase the amount of meat won, but keep in mind that the amount of meat earned may be less than the combined worth of those consumables.