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Temporal Nexus
West of mountains
Unlocked by
Having the Key-Shaped El Vibrato device while visiting The West Pole

Temporal Nexus is located through a portal at the West Pole, which is only revealed if you have a key-shaped El Vibrato device.

In Temporal Nexus you will first note, that it's raining, and secondly there's a sign pointing right that says, "Camp Crystaldream" next to this will be a vehicle with a license plate that reads BTCHN and looks oddly like a Camaro. In the search of the car you find a new-fangled pistol.

As you continue to the right you'll notice the background moving as you approach a buried stagecoach. You'll notice it isn't raining in this area.

Continue further and you'll find a buried robot. Further still you'll find the worn remains of a pyramid, interacting with the tomb produces a humorous bit of story with a piece of a jaw, which when finished rewards a smiling face button.

You can't go past the ruined pyramid, because as you're character says," There's nothing that way. Literally, there is... Nothing. It's hard to describe.