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Template-info.png Documentation

A template to help with formatting skill descriptions.


  • description The skill description.
  • image The icon for the skill.
  • type Type of skill: misc or combat.
  • class Optional. The class the skill belongs to: beanslinger, cowpuncher, or snakeoiler.
  • apcost Optional. The AP cost of the skill.
  • once Optional. If set, indicates that the skill may only be used once per fight.
  • noturnend Optional. If set, indicates that using the skill does not terminate your combat turn.
  • nexmex Optional. If set, indicates that this is a Nex-Mex skill.
  • from Optional. Where the skill was acquired from. Starts a list, so put additional sources on separate lines, each preceded by "*".
  • level1, level2, ... Effects at each level. Rendered in blue.
  • level2xp, level3xp, ... Experience required for each level.


|description=This is a skill.
|from=Starting skill.
|level1=This is the level 1 effect.
|level2xp=This is the level 2 XP cost.
|level2=This is the level 2 effect.
<!-- for as many levels as the skill has -->