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Formats an infobox for a combat scene.


  • grid. A flag value. If set to something, then will display a combat grid, accepting the same parameters as in {{CombatGrid}}
  • desc. A description (title) of the infobox. May contain images, but should be small.
  • badguys. A list of bad guys that form the combat scene. Format them as links, and separate by <br>
  • xp. The amount of XP awarded if the combat is successful. See {{XP}}.
  • drops The list of drops given at the end of the combat. Separate by <br>. Use "!" if there are no drops.
  • xptrick (Optional) The amount of XP awarded if the combat is avoided by trickery (usually by Hornswogglin', Outfoxin', or Intimidatin').
  • xpother1 (Optional) An alternative XP award.
  • xpother1name (Optional) The name of the alternative XP award.
  • xpother2 (Optional) Another alternative XP award.
  • xpother2name (Optional) The name of the other alternative XP award.
  • xpother3 (Optional) Yet another alternative XP award.
  • xpother3name (Optional) The name of the yet other alternative XP award.
  • width (Optional) A width override if the natural width is unsatisfactory.
  • venom (Optional) The amount of snake venom given to Snake Oilers.
  • medicine (Optional) The amount of snake medicine given to Snake Oilers.
  • skins (Optional) The skins received, if you have a varmint skinnin' knife.
  • undead (Optional) Indicate the value if this is an undead fight.
  • cow (Optional) Indicate the value if this is a cow fight.
  • nofloat (Optional) A flag value. If set to something the infobox will not float to the right..

A typical use:

{{Infobox combat|desc=|badguys=|xp=|drops=}}