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A template to help with formatting descriptions of bad guys.

This version of the template computes the stat values, using {{Bad guy/compute}}. It also draws 2 infoboxes, one for normal and one for hard mode, as well as showing drops, location, skinnables, etc.


  • image Image for the bad guy.
  • alpha (Optional) A floating point alpha-value (0.5 for ghostly images).
  • elvcolor (Optional) Set to anything non-blank, forces image to be greyscale (mainly for overriding the blue-colored El Vibrato images)
  • size (Optional) If the image size looks off. Default is 150px.
  • region The region in which the enemy is found (normally a through h). If set to w house_diff must also be set.
  • house_diff (Optional) The difficulty value used in the Gun Manor DLC. A value between 1 and 9.
  • type One of bandit, boss, clown, cow, cultist, elvibrato, ghost, goblin, skeleton, snake, spider, or thing.
  • class (Optional) One of generic, muscle, mysticality, moxie, allstats. Default is generic.
  • Flags for HP modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • veryverylowhp
    • verylowhp
    • lowhp
    • highhp
    • veryhighhp
    • xhp HP multiplier (integer value).
  • minmaxhp (Optional) Lower bound on HP, after any of the above modifiers.
  • Flags for speed modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • xspeed Speed multiplier (integer value).
    • lowspeed
    • highspeed
  • Flags for base damage flag modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • lowdamage
    • highdamage
  • Flags for armor flag modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • lowarmor
    • mediumarmor
    • higharmor
    • veryhigharmor
    • veryveryhigharmor If you specify "h" for this option then it only applies in hard-mode.
  • Flags for muscle modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • verylowmuscle
    • lowmuscle
    • highmuscle
    • veryhighmuscle
    • xmuscle stat multiplier (integer value).
  • Flags for mysticality modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • verylowmysticality
    • lowmysticality
    • highmysticality
    • veryhighmysticality
    • xmysticality stat multiplier (integer value).
  • Flags for moxie modifiers (Optional). Specify at most one of them.
    • verylowmoxie
    • lowmoxie
    • highmoxie
    • veryhighmoxie
    • xmoxie stat multiplier (integer value).
  • hotresistance The enemy's hot resistance.
  • coldresistance The enemy's cold resistance.
  • spookyresistance The enemy's spooky resistance.
  • stenchresistance The enemy's stench resistance.
  • sleazeresistance The enemy's sleaze resistance.
  • target The targeting strategy the enemy uses. Should be one of highesthp, lowesthp, mostdamaged, leastdamaged, highestmuscle, highestmysticality, highestmoxie, lowestmuscle, lowestmysticality, lowestmoxie, primary, front, rear, pardner, all, random, all, or none. You can also specify friendly versions by appending _friendly
  • attacks The attacks the enemy uses. Use * on new lines.
  • debuffonhit Flag if debuffs on hit.
  • debuffstat Stat debuffed if debuffonhit.
  • fireonhit Rounds of set on fire on hit.
  • poisononhit Rounds of poisoning on hit.
  • skinnables The enemy's skinning drops. Use * on new lines.
  • location Where the enemy is found. Use * on new lines.
  • preamble If you want text to appear before the first section (left of the stats box).