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Susie Cochrane
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Boring Springs bar
Could be!

Susie Cochrane is first encountered drinking in Boring Springs Saloon. To gain her as one of your pardner choices you need to visit the Boring Springs Boneyard and read the tombstones on the far right, revealing her name (and the names of her ex-kin). After asking her about it, you can convince her to join after completing her quest to go to the Cochrane Ranch and retrieve her rifle.

Susie is good at building things, and tanning leather. She levels up only by killing the various cow-themed enemies, although not all fights count.


  • Susie will sometimes spot a nearby ranch on the map. Susie knows about one area in each region of the map:
Region Location Susie may reveal
a Stearns Ranch
b Butterfield Ranch
c Lazy-A Dude Ranch
d Alexandria Ranch
e Hellstrom Ranch
f Kellogg Ranch
g Last Custard Stand
h Olive Garden's Homestead


Susie has the following combat abilities:

Inv iconframe.pngIcon crosshair.png She can do a Rifle Shot, inflicting ranged damage to enemies. How much actual damage dealt is based on the difference between her and her opponent's moxie, following the Basic Ranged Attack formula.
Inv iconframe.pngIcon buildcover.png Build Cover tells Susie to hastily construct a jury-rigged cover for you that can fend off against ranged attacks. This can only be used once per battle.
Inv iconframe.pngIcon rope.png At level 3, Susie Cochrane gain Lasso, a new ability which allows her to tie up an enemy and prevent it from acting for 1 turn. This can only be used once per battle.


  • Susie Cochrane only gains experience by winning cow fights. This includes many, but not all cow-related enemies.
  • As well as gaining basic stats and increased ranged damage, Susie also has improved hot resistance in higher levels.
Level Muscle Mysticality Moxie Max HP Rifle damage Hot Resistance Notes
1 4 3 5 15 10 0%
2 8 6 10 19 15 20%
3 12 9 15 23 20 20% Receives the lasso ability
4 16 12 20 27 25 40%
5 20 15 25 31 30 40%
6 24 18 30 35 35 60%
7 28 21 35 39 40 60%
8 32 24 40 43 45 80%

Personality and Background[]

Susie's family used to run a cattle ranch Before the Cows Came Home. There was a raid and her father was killed by Hellcows. Susie and her mother rebuilt, raising pigs instead of cattle, but Hellcows smelled out the ranch and destroyed it, setting afire from the root celler. Every member of the family was killed except for Susie. She says she watched a family member named "Tim" (which can be presumed to be her husband Timothy, based on the inscription of the gravestones in Boring Springs Boneyard) trampled right in front of her.

Susie vows revenge against the Hellcows and makes a notch in the stock of her rifle every time she kills one.


  • As one of the wander events, she can help a group for travelers fix their wagon for 15 XP (or 25 XP if you are altruistic).
  • She demonstrates a dislike for clowns, but not a repulsion like Doc Alice.