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You made it to Frisco without getting any tobacco spit on you. Feels good!

Acquired From

  • Examine the spittoon in Frisco without having looked at any others.


  • If you skip the prologue, the game will not assume you avoided the spittoon found in Boring Springs, but still start the game with the nasty ring in your inventory. The only way to get the Spit-Free perk is playing the prologue, avoid inspecting the spittoon there, and examine only the spittoon at Frisco.
  • To obtain this perk, you must inspect the spittoon in Frisco & refuse to take the Spittoon Hat. You must also avoid inspecting any of the other spittoons in the game.
  • Note that it is still possible to go back and search all of the other spittoons (outside Boring Springs) after acquiring this perk.
  • Having this perk will make obtaining the Spittoon Hat impossible.