Snake Oiler

"Snake Oilers rely on their moxie and chutzpah to tame snakes, their fearlessness to extract potent oils from those snakes, and their cleverness to manufacture and sell potions made from those oils.

You've heard Snake Oilers are doing really well out West since The Cows Came Home. Everybody needs potions and hope in these dark days, and also out West is where all the best snakes live."

- In-game class description.

The Snake Oiler is one of three character classes in West of Loathing. It is also possibly the easiest class because of the perks they receive. Snake Oilers can tame snakes to use in combat, and extract oils from them for crafting.

Snake Oilers can make potions and Booze that can increase health, damage, Moxie, Muscle, and Mysticality. The can also create Combat items to damage enemies (varying types of Bullet Oil).


Combat skills

Misc skills


Snake Oilers have exclusive access to Doc Galaktik's wagon at the Old Medicine Show, including his portable alchemistry set.

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