West of Loathing Wiki

If you possess a varmint skinnin' knife you'll find that many of Loathing's snakes and cows can be skinned.

Snake Skins[]

Snake skins can be applied to your hat for an additional benefit. Choose wisely though, once applied you cannot remove or change a snake skin benefit from a given hat.

Skin Benefit
coal snake skin +3 Moxie
electric snakeskin +7 Spell Damage
fire moccasin skin +20% Hot Resistance
Frisco viper skin +3 to All Stats
rattlesnake skin +3 Muscle
sick python skin +30 Maximum HP

Cow Skins[]

Removed from their infernal bodies, cow skins can be used by a suitably trained Cow Puncher to craft various leather goods. The quality of the goods depends on the quality of the leather, which in turn depends on the infernality of the cow.

Leather Cows
extra-thick leather Region B+
smoldering leather Region D+
infernal leather Region F+