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Your Family Farm

Rufus is your kid brother. After you leave for your journey westward, you can send him postcards. He will send you packages in return.

Background and Personality[]

Rufus is a huge nerd with a love of math, puzzle cubes table-top RPGs, and strategy games. He has several shelves worth of books in various languages that the player character cannot understand.

In your conversation with Rufus you are given 3 options to explain your motivation for leaving. Your choice defines your character's motivation, which mainly affects how the ending game state is interpreted.

Though he seems to have an amicable relationship with you, the player character, irrespective of your motivation he tells you that he bets you will be dead by "Crimbo" (Christmas).

Gifts from Rufus[]

The gifts Rufus sends are dependent on your class and the type of character you chose to play. You receive the first item in the list below that you have not already received (receiving special air as a default):

  1. a class-specific crafting item:
  2. a class-specific skillbook:
  3. a class-specific ring:
  4. A hat, the choice of which depends on which stuffed animal you shot when creating your character:
  5. "special air" (200 XP)