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Roy Bean's House
South Zone 2
Unlocked by

Welcome to Roy Bean's Jelly Bean Museum, the only place with an outside toilet instead of an outhouse! Roy Bean's house can be found after finding a Letter to Roy Bean and delivering it to him, or by talking to the man with the jellybeans at the Old Railroad Camp (West). When you first enter the museum there won't be much because all of Roy's beans were stolen, except for the incredibly rare honey jelly bean. Roy will send you out to find them, see notes below. Inside his lovely abode is a spittoon and some empty pedestals.

When you first arrive at this location, the museum is officially known as "Roy Bean's House of Justice and Jelly Beans".


  • befouled pistol - Found inside the spittoon (happy hunting!) Note that searching the multi-colored spittoon also gives you Spittoon Hand.
  • honey jelly bean - Used to cure the insect poison Norton throws at you.
    • You can purchase this for the base price of 6000 Meat, or get a discount that depends on which of his jars of jelly beans you returned:
      • If you dealt with the bandits and returned the mint mint jellybeans, the price is 4000 Meat.
      • If you dealt with the bandits and goblins, and returned both the mint mint jellybeans and the green green apple jellybeans, the price is 2000 Meat.
      • If you dealt with the bandits, goblins, and hippies, and returned all three jars, the price is a mere 5 Meat.
    • Note that in order to actually purchase the honey jelly bean you need to have the ant-eye virus effect, and have talked to Smee and asked him where'd the train go.


The main quest here is to return the 3 stolen jars of jelly beans. You need to find each jar in turn; speak with Roy to start the quest and to progress it after each stage.


The jar of mint mint jellybeans was, unsurprisingly, stolen by the Jelly Bean Thieves.


The jar of green green apple jellybeans was stolen by goblins hiding out at Ol' Granddad.

  • You need to find your way up to the 4th floor, addressing the tasks necessary to get to each floor.
    1. Give the first goblin a bar of soap so he allows you to go higher into the cactus. He thinks it's a human candy bar, but that's okay.
    2. On level 2, talk to the goblin by the ladder. He wants cactus syrup, so enter the adjacent room.
      • Make (40 Mysticality) or Find (40 Moxie) a syrup tap in the junk in the corner of the room.
      • Insert the tap into the wall where the syrup is flowing. Collect two bottles worth.
      • Give a bottle of cactus syrup to the goblin. He will demand another. Give it to him.
    3. On the 3rd level a goblin demands elixir.
      • Go to the adjacent room and use the alchemy table. Mix different ingredients until you successfully produce something that is probably not toxic. Receive goblin elixir.
      • Give the potion to the third goblin.
    4. Finally, on the top level there is a horrific goblin mutant.
      • Talk to the mutant... thing.
      • Either fight it (not possible with Gary), throw some fungicide at them or use one of your class skills (Intimidatin', Hornswigglin', or Outfoxin') to outwit it/them.
      • Collect the jelly beans.


The jar of lime lime jellybeans was stolen by hippies. Roy will point you in the direction of Shroomcave.

  • Travel to Shroomcave. You may wish to have mushroom plucking pliers at this point; collect some Lactarius Dirtihippica mushroom if you do.
  • Explore the cave. Note that there's a cultist / body at the end.
  • Travel to Fort of Darkness.
    • Talk to Irene in the first tent. She will tell you the jelly beans are in her lounge, but she does not remember where her lounge is.
    • Speak to the scientist in the third tent. He will tell you that Irene's lounge is in Shroomcave, but you have to be under the influence of Dirtihippica extract to find it.
  • Travel to Shroomcave.
  • Drink the Dirtihippica extract and walk around the cavern until you find Irene's lounge in a side tunnel.
  • Collect Roy's beans. You can also find a strange lamp here.