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Roy Bean
Portrait Roy Bean.png
Roy Bean's House

"I still sell some jelly beans from time to time, but they're outta' fashion. This ol' place is just a jelly bean museum, now."

Roy Bean is the proprietor of Roy Bean's House of Justice and Jelly Beans, later renamed Roy Bean's Jelly Bean Museum. All the same, on maps this building is officially known as Roy Bean's House. He is a former bounty hunter and candy salesman.

He uses jelly beans as chewing tobacco and spits it in his spittoon. He hangs his pistol above the spittoon, which results in it falling in and the player character having the option of retrieving it, much to the disapproval of the narrator. Doing this lets you gain the perk Spittoon Hand.

He sells a honey jelly bean that can cure ant-eye virus inflicted upon you by Emperor Norton. He will offer it to you at a discount if you help him find his stolen jelly beans.