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Rescue Mission
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by

The Rescue Mission is a location in West of Loathing, south-east of Fort Alldead. It is revealed when you wander in this area, or talk to the guy with broken legs in Dirtwater.

Outside you can find a gin blossom, and from the nun inside you can purchase medical supplies.


* army field trauma kit 30 Meat
* blood-building tonic 60 Meat
2 bottle of laudanum 60 Meat
1 broken leg pills 200 Meat


  • If you ask the nun if she needs any errands run she will ask for some purple grass.
    • The grass is found outside Humming Cave. Returning with it gives a reward of 30 - 32 XP.
  • Touching the pulpit while cowrrupted will give you the (negative) effect Divine Disapproval.