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Reboot Hill
West of the Mountains
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Reboot Hill is a cemetery to the west of the mountains in West of Loathing.

The name of the cemetery had to be changed from Boot Hill because of the number of dead who had been resurrected there.


Further In: Plot #1[]

A gang of Sweet skeletons This fight counts as an undead fight with value 8
Bad guys
Guinevere Sweet
Brutus Sweet
Elaine Sweet
Morgan Sweet
Evaine Sweet
XP (kill)
200 - 215
  • To the left is the ghost of a grandmother looking for her favorite granddaughter; more information below in the "Puzzles" section.
  • To the right there are additional graves.
    • With a shovel you can dig up a loosely packed grave to reveal the location of Hellstrom Ranch, Wise Ol' Jed Marmot to receive marmotskin cap, and Big Bob Hurlingham for a tripe pie.
    • Further into the graves on the right are 5 half-buried skeletons, the Sweet gang. To get past them you'll need to wade in and fight them.
    • Once the gang is defeated you can reach a larger monument from which you can retrieve the sweet sword.

Even Further In: Plot #2[]

Still Yet Further In: Plot #3[]

Crossbones.png The group of cultists Crossbones.png This fight counts as an undead fight with value 5
Bad guys
a necromantic cultist
a necromantic cultist
a necromantic cultist
a bone barrier
a bone barrier
a bone barrier
XP (kill)
120 - 129
black hood
2-3 of
40% chance of 1 of
20% chance of 1 of
  • The grave of Paulette Tootsbury immediately to the left can be dug up with a shovel for skull chips (x3),
  • Further to the left there are some floating bones guarding a group of cultists who are trying to reanimate a skeleton. To get past the barrier of bones you can either crush them (Muscle 20), dispel them (Mysticality 20), or shoot them (Moxie 20), receiving 30 - 32 XP however you do it.
  • Past the bone barrier you can either fight the group of cultists, or just wait around and see what happens.
    • Choosing to wait will eliminate the cultists, as the skeleton they are attempting to animate goes on a rampage, killing them all, scratching its name in the ground (GRUTCH) and disappearing. You receive no XP for this option.
    • Once the cultists are gone, you can retrieve a Nex-Mex book from the pedestal, and a clue for the Necromancer Journal (requires Stench Resistance) from the outhouse.
  • To the right there are a several gag graves, but you can dig up Stanrietta Minkleston with a shovel to get handful of loose teeth (x3).
  • At the extreme right you can find a non-threatening skeleton, Bernard, who would rather not be reanimated by the cultists. Once you have taken care of the cultists he will give you the worry stone.


Granddaughter Puzzle[]

The first puzzle in Reboot Hill is to figure out which of the cemetery's inhabitants was a ghost's favorite granddaughter, via a logic puzzle. The hints given about the granddaughter are:

The old woman (who is now a ghost) died at age 95. (Her tombstone is to the right of the gate to Plot #2)

  1. She was born when the old lady was somewhere between 37 and 42 years old. (therefore the birth year is between 1837 and 1843*)
  2. Her first name ends with a vowel.
  3. Her first name was longer than her last name. (More than 5 Letters)
  4. She's not buried next to any of the old lady's daughters. (Going by the dates of birth, these are Farrah, Lillith, Margaret, and Pearl, who are born 15-20 years earlier than the 3rd generation)
  5. She died at the same age as Becky who was in poor health. There are 4 Beckys, who died at 15 or 16; 23 or 24; 37 or 38; and 49 or 50. It also can't be a Becky, since no two Beckys had the same age.
  6. She likes knitting and by deduction is the same person who has a dormitory locker in Kellogg Ranch.
    • Reading the diary will reveal one of two clues, either that her name has fewer than eight letters, or that is is longer than seven letters.

Here's all of the information from the relevant tombstones:

Name Years Age* Notes
Rebecca Smith 1800-1895 94 or 95 The old ghost herself
First Becky 1837-1875 37 or 38 Name too short
Little Becky 1843-1859 15 or 16 Name too short
Mezzo Becky 1838-1888 49 or 50 Name too short
Penultimate Becky 1840-1864 22† Name too short; †By Fort Cowardice files, she died before her birthday and was often sickly
Faith 1834-1859 24 or 25 No vowel ending
Farrah 1816-1867 50 or 51 Rebecca's daughter
Faye 1841-1856 14 or 15 Name too short
Fidelity 1836-1885 48 or 49 Next to her daughter
Fiona 1839-1878 38 or 39 Name too short
Leilani 1849-1864 14 or 15 Born too late
Lenore 1847-1863 15 or 16 Born too late
Leslie 1840-1859 18 or 19 Next to her daughter
Lillith 1822-1859 36 or 37 Rebecca's daughter
Linda 1845-1880 34 or 35 Name too short; born too late
Madeline 1836-1875 38 or 39 Next to her daughter
Magdalene 1840-1863 22 or 23
Margaret 1819-1884 64 or 65 Rebecca's daughter
Melissa 1842-1880 37 or 38
Meredith 1837-1874 36 or 37 No vowel ending
Pamela 1841-1857 15 or 16 Next to her daughter
Patricia 1838-1862 24† †By Fort Cowardice files, she died after her birthday; no Becky matches
Paula 1845-1850 4 or 5 Name too short; born too late
Pearl 1820-1875 54 or 55 Rebecca's daughter
Penelope 1836-1886 49 or 50

* Depends if your point of reference is before or after their birthday in a given year. For example if you were born Jan 3rd 1900, you would be 4 if you died Jan 2nd 1905, or 5 if you died Jan 4th 1905.

If you guess incorrectly, the old lady will be overcome with grief and will not allow you to guess again until the next day.

Eliminating possibilities based on the clues, there actually appear to be several people who fit the description. The answer will be either Magdalene or Melissa.

  • If you previously read the diary in Kellogg Ranch the correct answer will be based on whichever clue was randomly given in the diary.
    • "fewer than eight letters" implies Melissa, while "longer than seven letters" implies Magdalene.
  • If you did not previously read the diary, your first choice is guaranteed to be incorrect.

Successfully solving the puzzle will reward you with 90 - 96 XP, and a ghost flower.

Tombstone Puzzle (Plot #2)[]

On the right side of plot #2 are a few normal tombstones and a "tontine" puzzle involving three big and fancy tombstones.

Each tombstone contains a key fragment, and a letter sequence.

The key fragments can be assembled into the tontine key by clicking on any of the fragments, which will then prompt you to reassemble it.

The puzzle solution is to line the letters up in a grid like so:


And then read it down columns and then across by rows - which spells out BOOT|HILL|EIGHTH|TREE.

Head back down to the entrance of Reboot Hill and go to the eighth big black tree from the left of the edge of the area (or 3rd from the right of the entry to Plot #1). Click on the tree and a prompt will show up to put in the key. This will reveal the tontine treasure chest, and in the box is an unbreakable ruby (sell price of 2000 meat) which can be turned into jewelry