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Mapicon railcamp.png
The Manifest Destiny Railroad Company Camp
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Consulting the Southeast West map the Hostler gave you.

Here you encounter a stuck train, along with a sleeping person, someone playing with a watch, a whistler, an assistant (Smee), and a foreman. Talking to the foreman results in him quitting and you being designated the new foreman.

After becoming foreman, talking to Smee reveals that the train is stopped by a pile of rocks. They need dynamite to remove them, but their dynamite was stolen by goblins, which can be recovered from Gustavson Gulch.


Bad Guys[]

Giant rock monster.png The rock monster
Bad guys
giant rock monster
XP (kill)
75 - 80
XP (stat or trick)
45 - 48


  • Following victory over the giant rock monster, and talking to Smee again, the train leaves and the site becomes Old Railroad Camp.
  • When attempting to eliminate the rock monster threat through several methods, the only time you hear the rock monster actually speak with irritation would be through Intimidatin', which is used by Cow Puncher. Transcript of what he spoke below:

Mad Libs[]

When viewing the locomotive, your character says:

Bucket Results
  • The old [METAL] [BEAST]. Yep. The good old [METAL] [BEAST].
  • brass
  • brass
  • bronze
  • Cleveland
  • coal
  • heavy
  • iron
  • metal
  • piston
  • screamin'
  • steam
  • steamin'
  • steamy
  • steel
  • tin
  • bear
  • beast
  • bison
  • boat
  • buffalo
  • bull
  • elephant
  • horse
  • leviathan
  • monster
  • ram
  • shark
  • steamer
  • tramp
  • whale

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