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Petting Cemetery
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by

The Petting Cemetery is a place of dead animals.

Each animal gives you a certain bonus for the rest of the day. However, you can only use one animal per day.

Here are what the animals, and their boons are:


When you first arrive, you will need to purchase a ticket for 500 meat. Once inside the cemetery, note there are 3 missing statues. You can then talk to the ticket seller to help.

buffalo skeleton
packrat skeleton
desert ape skeleton

Each quest rewards you with 50 meat and 150 - 159 XP, as well as of course, access to the corresponding boon from the installed skeleton.

Additionally, Hobart Buppert will send you here to photograph an owl skeleton with the owl camera. Photograph the owl skeleton and return to Hobart in the Breadwood Bunkhouse for 150-160 XP.