Patch v1.11.11.1

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Patch v1.11.11.1 ("Patch of Cookies") for West of Loathing was released on February 10, 2019.

Features[edit | edit source]

A quick little DLC patch today to address some issues that folks have brought to our attention. Thanks for all the bug reports and also all the kind words about the DLC in general, everyone! Y'all rock.

  • You now get the Spirit Guide achievement at a more appropriate moment -- also if you load a character that SHOULD have gotten that achievement but did not, it will be awarded right away (apologies for how poorly thought-out that was initially!)
  • An important object in Mrs. Gun's room is now much more self-evident
  • You should no longer be able to walk past Chet without talking to him once
  • Eating a deep-fried holster should no longer give you the effect from the gun-shaped cookie
  • You should no longer be able to walk up to a coaltergeist without getting warned about how that's a bad idea
  • A photo of L'ardest should no longer appear from out of nowhere in the larder window if you defeated him in combat
  • Added text to the #5 pool ball to indicate that you will start every combat on fire while holding it (which probably makes you look super intimidating, like "Dang, they're on fire and they don't even care!")
  • Fixed an errant instance of Alice speaking when your pardner is actually Susie
  • Flo should no longer report she learns the "Suck Ray" skill when in fact she learns "Beta Blast" (not really sure what the Suck Ray is, but it sounds cool)
  • Added some entries (mostly plurals of existing entries) to the dictionary
  • Some large bells now have a distinct visual effect when rung instead of just playing a sound
  • West of Loathing should no longer switch Mac users with a Retina display to a lower-than-expected-or-desirable-resolution on launch
  • And finally, you should only be marked as having found Macready’s grave if your character already knows it is important (from now on -- this is not retroactive, unfortunately) [Some people were encountering the grave before they knew anything about it, forgetting about it because it didn't seem remarkable, and then the game doesn't give you hints about where it is located, because you had been marked as having found it... Doh!]