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Patch v1.11.1 ("Adding Just a Patch of Salt For Best Flavor") for West of Loathing was released on November 21, 2018.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • The game should run in Windows XP again, probably (we really mean it this time)
  • Best Font Mode should no longer prevent text from appearing
  • Letters should no longer double-up when you type text in the Linux version of the game. Our apologies for the extra work now required when naming your horse “Balloon”, “Cappuccino”, or “Tennessee Bookkeeper”
  • Fan Hammer's description in combat should now accurately predict how much damage it will do to an opponent
  • Corrected a typo that was maybe preventing Pete from complaining about his joints in one pretty specific circumstance
  • Lloyd will no longer incorrectly say that you have a room at the Jewel if you haven’t gotten one yet
  • The ghostly Foreman at the Jumbleneck Mine should now actually disappear if dispatched with the old pickaxe
  • It is now possible to get the Kurtzian Charm perk from Irene regardless of whether you already acquired mushroom pliers or not
  • Reduced the power of the Energized effect because it was too… energized
  • Laid groundwork for the ability to (finally) release some DLC.
  • Fixed lots of bugs in new features for the upcoming DLC!
  • Did we mention that we're really close to finishing the DLC?
  • Real talk for a second: We removed the noose from the tree outside Chuck’s house after someone pointed out the crappy connotations it has. We were oblivious, and we’re sorry.