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Patch v1.11 ("Patch Me, I'm Dreaming") for West of Loathing was released on August 24, 2018.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • This patch is live for Windows, Mac, and Linux (which means that Linux now has controller support)
  • The game should run in Windows XP again, probably
  • Macs with Retina displays should now display the game at a reasonable size instead of in a tiny baby window
  • Changed the setting from "blend" to "liquefy" so the game should load faster and have a smoother texture if you try to drink it

  • Controller UI elements should now hide themselves if you start using the mouse or keyboard to play
  • The Character/Skill screen will use the original layout on PC when using keyboard or mouse instead of a controller
  • We the developers resolve that in order form a more perfect game, the list of screen sizes should no longer list the same resolution multiple times
  • Options screen tooltips are no longer mostly off-screen in non-16:9 resolution windows
  • Scrolling the map with WASD is back to being a peppy and enjoyable experience for all ages
  • Several places[1] that you could clip through the scenery and walk behind the world should no longer allow that (Clippy, you're drunk, go home)

  • If you’ve unlocked Ruthless as a perk (but not Honorable) you should now be able to select that perk when skipping the Prologue
  • The post office’s "infinite sauté knives" promotion has ended
  • Silver (and silver plated) weapons should now (finally) actually do extra damage versus demonic creatures
  • Grace should no longer exhort you to collect a goblet if you’ve already tossed it into a bottomless pit
  • The portion of the Necromancer quest line that involves the Ley Line diagram should now work more intuitively
  • The portion of the El Vibrato quest line that involves taking a keystone to the Lost Dutch Oven Mine has been clarified and is a bit more friendly
  • Fixed some bugs that we introduced while fixing other bugs
  • Corrected no typos... Could we have caught them all? Time to consult our typokedex!

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The specific places we think we fixed clipping are: the Forward Passenger Car on the Train and the entrances to Jumbleneck Mine, the Abandoned Mine, and Deepest Delve Mine