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Patch v1.10 ("Can't Believe It's Been a Year Patch") for West of Loathing was released on August 10, 2018.

Major updates[edit | edit source]

  • We've added controller support! The game should notice if you are trying to use a controller and update your UI as appropriate. We've tested a variety of Playstation and Xbox controllers on Windows and Mac — let us know if your Steel Battalion control rig isn't working and we'll see if we can support that too.
  • On the back-end we updated to a new version of Unity. We tested the game in-house, but this is a significant upgrade and there might be new bugs that we missed. Please report anything wonky that you find and we’ll look into it ASAP!

Captain updates[edit | edit source]

  • West of Loathing takes up even less drive space than it used to, with the minor trade-off of slightly longer load times here and there
  • Night mode can be disabled with the launch option “--reset-nightmode”
  • Big Spleen is now correctly marked as a perk, so it doesn't have a useless [+] next to it on the skill screen
  • The XP costs for increasing Grit to levels 10 and 11 have been corrected, they were at odds with Gumption and Glamour before

Lieutenant updates[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed typos, more than we cared to count (maybe... 42?)
  • Removed the worst 11 jokes, added 11 different, potentially worse, jokes
  • The combat music has been rebalanced; combat balance has not been remusiced
  • Punching an opponent with your bare (or brass-covered) fists will now make a sound, which is also logically sound
  • You can now hear it (glug glug!) when your character consumes booze
  • You can no longer be doubly Ruthless, and it’s a little easier to be Honorable
  • Wimpy Fricker is now a good shot with his right hand and a terrible shot with his left
  • The Hostler will no longer offer to sell you a horse until you’ve learned the locations of his lost horses
  • The lockbox in Orehole Mine is now clearer about how it should be opened
  • Skeletons in the prologue can no longer be poisoned
  • Rattlesnakes will now actually bite you instead of just slithering (hopping?) up to you and immediately turning away again
  • The pyrobove in Susie’s basement will no longer make noises once it has been dispatched
  • Pete’s leveling up encounters will no longer sometimes prevent you from ever seeing other one-time encounters
  • Your pardner will no longer have a non-response when you are looking for barbed wire and you ask them about sidequests
  • The House-in-the-Desert Gang can now be Outfoxed or Intimidated out of their weapons
  • The Pickle Factory Activation Lever should no longer sometimes lock you out of acquiring the Wanted: Alive achievement
  • The Goblin Gulch jeweler encounter will now only happen once per character, and won’t sometimes prevent you from ever encountering the Goblin Gulch juggler
  • Gary will no longer join in a fight against a goblin who is trying to sell you driftwood sculptures
  • Numerous other small bug fixes that we failed to write down