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Patch v1.03 ("Give Me Your Elevator Patch") for West of Loathing was released on November 20, 2017.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Keyboard commands used in the game can now be fully customized from the new Keyboard Options menu — va pnfr lbh rkvfg va n ebg-guvegrra jbeyq, fnl (which translates to, "in case you exist in a rot-thirteen world, say")
  • The speed of the player’s horse can now be altered in the Options menu, fstr or ssslowerrr
  • The brightness of the game window can now be adjusted in the Video Options menu
  • New, safer, code is used to save the game — this should prevent players from (rarely) ending up with a save file filled with zeroes
  • Short on space? West of Loathing now takes almost 50% less drive space than it did before (we packed the 0s and 1s much closer together)
  • Short on time? The game now loads 80% faster, so you spend more time playing and less time not playing
  • Short on RAM? Memory usage has been reduced significantly — this may help with some crashes on older PCs
  • Short on patience? Don’t bother reading the plaques in Shaggy Dog Cave
  • Corrected a bunch of typos, let's say... 37 of them
  • One of the silly walks is now slightly more silly
  • The cowbell fights at Hellstrom Ranch now count as cow fights for Susie-leveling purposes
  • Drinking a perfect cup of coffee will no longer prevent subsequent cups of coffee from giving you their effects (but you will still forever know how far they fall from their Platonic ideal)
  • When You've Had Your Coffee, your maximum Action Points will now properly be increased
  • Created a Steam Controller profile: steam://controllerconfig/597220/1118485857 (Full, real controller support is still in the pipeline)
  • A bunch of small bug fixes that we forgot to write down (sorry!)

This patch took forever for a bunch of reasons too boring to elaborate on here. Thanks for your patience!