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Patch v1.02 ("Patch Adams") for West of Loathing was released on August 19, 2017.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected a bunch (23) of miscellaneous typos
  • Changed a bunch of Riff's "woah"s and Zack's "whoah"s to "whoa"s – it's the children who are wrong
  • Going back to the title screen from the shooting gallery no longer makes the title screen stop working
  • Steam Cloud saving should now work better on OSX, instead of not working at all (choose the newest files if Steam gives you an option)
  • Activating the Steam overlay during a fade-out transition should no longer lock up your computer
  • Combat action buttons can no longer be uselessly selected while they are disabled
  • Tooltips now explain why some options are disabled on the main menu (it's not because they don't like you)

  • Fixed a mislabeled option in some very, very, very, very old code
  • Agave plants should no longer prick you – they're still sharp, but people just thought they were grass so now you have to imagine it in your head
  • The Glutton for Punishment perk now... works
  • Fan Hammer will now do the desirable things it did before we accidentally made it worse via a previous bugfix
  • Shootenanny will now apply poison and fire if celebrated with that sort of gun
  • The smoking gun will now correctly set stuff on fire when you shoot it
  • Status icons on certain enemies in combat have been flipped left to right
  • Cryoboves now correctly deal Cold damage instead of Spooky damage
  • A random encounter that used to pay out 0 Meat no longer challenges our notions of the existence of things

  • You can no longer crash the game by being too good at haggling with a certain goblin NPC
  • Helping exactly 20 people no longer does weird things to the end credits sequence
  • The Fort Memoriam tabletop war game now has sound effects
  • Murray's Curiosity and Bean is no longer falsely advertising the "Bean" part
  • Tweaked Barnaby Bob conversation to recognize if you've dealt with his mission already, and also he no longer kicks you out of the circus entirely if you annoy him (although he still will if you make him really mad)
  • Barnaby Bob's stance is now slightly more menacing, and he should no longer (rarely) double-up on his greeting to you

  • You can no longer get infinite packages from your kid brother in exchange for sending him a single postcard
  • Added a little nudge to the Ghostwood quest, if you're too persistent in trying to get the temporary pass to work
  • Added a missing player portrait in the abandoned clown camp when speaking to Alice
  • Alice should no longer talk to you at Ft. Alldead if Alice isn't traveling with you
  • The player will no longer speak in Susie's stead in a particular bandit encounter – Susie can speak for herself, thankyouverymuch