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Nex-Mex refers to a series of books that teach the dark art of Necromancy.

Reading these books will reveal a number of skills and perks, but with a price.


The books are acquired in sequence, irrespective of where you find them. There are eight opportunities to acquire one, but you need to have chosen the Pale Horse in order to acquire all seven volumes, as the two wandering encounters are predicated on you riding that horse.

Series Contents[]

There are seven books in the series, each of which confers a new skill, and may also give you a negative perk.

The 3 skeleton-summoning skills each have 3 levels of skeleton they may summon. The quality of skeleton you summon increases when you gain more of the Necromancy skills:

1 – 3 skills = Tier 1
4 – 6 skills = Tier 2
7 skills = Tier 3
Nex-Mex Buffs and Abilities
Icon Books Skill
Icon book3.png
Introductory Nex-Mex Grinnin' Skull
Icon book3.png
Fundamentals of Nex-Mex Raise Skeletal Buddy
Icon book4.png
Intermediate Nex-Mex Vampiric Yodel
Icon book3.png
Frightening Topics in Nex-Mex Raise Skeletal Thrall
Icon book4.png
Horrifying Concepts of Nex-Mex Rain of Teeth
Icon book3.png
Dangerously Advanced Nex-Mex Dark Howdy skill
Icon book4.png
Dark Forbidden Secrets of Nex-Mex Raise Skeletal Gunslinger

Negative Perks[]

All but the first book also provide a new negative perk. These perks do not correspond to a specific book; you gain them based on the number of books read, in the order shown in the table. Note that if you want to use melee or ranged attacks in combat, you would be better off not reading more than 4 or 5 books, respectively.

Nex-Mex "Perks"
Icon Books read "Perk" Property
Icon whitehair.png
2 White Hair -3 Moxie
Icon emaciated.png
3 Emaciated -3 Muscle
Icon thinblood.png
4 Thin Blood -10 Max HP
Icon witheredmuscle.png
5 Withered Muscles -25 Melee Attack Damage
Icon hat cultist.png
6 Clouded Eyes -25 Pistol Attack Damage
Icon obsession.png
7 Corrupt Obsession -50% to Meat Gains
-50% Item-finding Bonus