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The Necromancer
WoL necromancer.png
Necromancer's Tower

The Necromancer is the character responsible for raising the dead throughout the game. He can be found at the top of the Necromancer's Tower.

He is a shriveled old man who is unable to do or say anything when you approach him. Your only real choices are in how you kill him.


  • You may choose to destroy him for 540 - 567 XP.
  • If you have read all 3 runes on the way up the tower you will have the option to consume him instead.
    • You "replace" him, and receive his Necromancer's crown as a reward, as well as 666 XP.
      • In Hard Mode the crown immediately crumbles to dust.
    • Note that Doc Alice will abandon you as a pardner if this is done.
      • After expressing her disapproval, you have one chance to back out. If you do, Alice will not leave you, but you will forgo the XP and crown rewards.