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Mrs. Gun's Room
Gun Manor, Third Floor
Unlocked by
Dealt with all the ghosts in Gun Manor except for Mrs. Gun

Mrs. Gun's Room is located on the third floor of Gun Manor. You won't be able to enter until all the (other) ghosts in the manor are dealt with, violently or not. There are three lamps here, as well as Mrs. Gun.



Attack her Head mrsgun.png
Bad guys
Mrs. Gun's ghost
  • To actually fight Mrs. Gun's ghost you cannot be Honorable, although even if so you can still ask Florence to deal with her.
    • If you are not actually Ruthless you get a last chance to back out of the fight even after choosing the fight option.
    • After the fight you acquire the Ruthless perk if you did not have it already.
  • Instead of fighting her, you can ask Florence to deal with her. This counts as a violent end rather than a peaceful end to her.
  • She can be eliminated non-violently by finding out what happened to her daughters. Doing so rewards you with Mrs. Gun's blueprint.
  • There is no XP reward for eliminating Mrs. Gun's ghost however you do it.