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Meat vein

Meat veins are found in many mines. Using a pickaxe you can typically extract an unrefined Meat nugget and some amount of Meat. If you have the Minesplainer perk mining veins also gives some experience points

Mining always produces one unrefined Meat nugget. The amount of meat you get depends on how many meat veins you have opened. This is also modified by being avaricious and having the Vein Glorious perk.

Not avaricious Avaricious
Normal 20 - 30 20 - 40
Vein Glorious 200 - 300 200 - 400

If Crazy Pete is your pardner he may point out some meat you missed, giving you an extra 10 - 20 meat. This does not apply to the 3 meat veins in the deepest level of Kole Ridge Mine.