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Lost Dutch Oven Mine
East of the Mountains
Unlocked by

As the name may suggest, this is a smelly place. You will need stench resistance to enter the first level of the mine, and a can of oil or Percussive Maintenance to take the elevator to the second level.



Level 1

Level 2



  • Murray Morris is on level 2 and won't respond to you if you try to talk to him. You can talk to him if you give him an El Vibrato Headband, which is found as random loot or you can manufacture one in the Madness Maw mine (west of mountains) for a small amount of El Vibrato scrap.
    • Murray Morris will move to Dirtwater and open up a shop that sells magical themed items.
    • If you choose not to tell him about Dirtwater then he will not set up shop.
  • In order to remove the piles of rocks in the pit, you must avoid the blood marks/scratches and bone piles before reaching the rocks in the pit. If you mess up, you will have to restart by going up the ladder and going back down again (or possibly a bug, you can stand by the pit and go to the map and wander, which will reset the blood marks trigger but will not change your location, so you will still be near the pit).
  • Removing the pile of rocks at the end of the pit level requires you receive the quest to explore the Dutch Oven mine from the Perfessor. You will need either a pickaxe, 10 Muscle, 10 Mysticality or 10 Moxie. Gives 20 XP.