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Dirtwater brewery.png
Liquid Bread Brewing Co.
Unlocked by
Give them the idea of going to Dirtwater after beating the yeast boss.

Liquid Bread Brewing Co. is a location that is available in Dirtwater after finishing the Yeast Bandits quest for the mayor of Breadwood. They sell different types of booze, depending on which other store is located next door (to the right only).


* LB Athletic Amber 200 Meat
* LB Brainy Brown 200 Meat
* LB Cool Kolsch 200 Meat
* LB Erudite Eisbock 250 Meat With Alexandria's Bookstore next door
* LB Leathery Lager 150 Meat With Grady's Fine Leather Goods next door
* LB Mercurial Marzen 100 Meat With Hot Doug's Hot Dogs next door
* LB Pronto Pilsner 250 Meat With Tony's Boots next door
* LB Strange Saison 150 Meat With Murray's Curiosity & Bean next door