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Your body has been shattered on the altar of purity, and you have been reborn as more than a human. This description is a registered trademark of Kellogg Ranch.

+30 Maximum HP
Removes Cowrruption
But you can still consume cow eatables after getting this perk.

Acquired From

How to Obtain[]

Obtaining this effect requires you complete all 3 steps of the regimen. Note that you must do them in order—you cannot acquire Purity of Guts without having Purity of Glands, nor can you acquire the full Kellogg-Brand Purity without having Purity of Guts. Also note that, unlike the other two steps, the final step, Purity of Muscles, does not grant a separate effect.

Purity of Glands

Sleeping in those metal pants made your night more restful than usual, and gave your polluted glands a chance to heal a little.

Purity of Guts

You've been scraped clean from craw to crevice.

Purity of Muscles

  1. Left Machine x1
  2. Middle Machine x2
  3. Left Machine x1
  4. Right Machine x3
  5. Left Machine x1


  • Completing the Purity of Muscles step, whether or not you have the two other effects, will remove Cowrruption.