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Jumbleneck Mine
East of the Mountains
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Another mine. This one hints at Hab Halloway's unsavory past, and offers a way to get rid of most of the necromancy-related items if you have no plans to go down that route.

From the initial, outer area you see a building, the foreman's office, and a mine entrance.


Outside you can find a gin blossom, which of course can be harvested with Foragin'.

There is also a barrel (full of old grease), and two piles of rocks. Searching the first pile turns up nothing interesting, but the second pile reveals a silver-toothed skull. If you have Doc Alice as a pardner, she will explain that it was likely removed using a pickaxe.

With the paper bag from the mine, you can get a bag of grease from the barrel.

The Mine[]

Accessing the mine requires you use the elevator, but you'll find that the controls are padlocked. You can open it either using Lockpickin' 3 or the Jumbleneck Mine elevator key from the mine office.


Having entered the mine you find yourself in an area with a minecart, and a route of tracks for it to follow, with a junction that leads to an open room on the left or to a blocked entrance on the right.

  • The cart itself is full of rocks. Once you have the unstable stick of dynamite you can put it in the cart.
  • You can shove the cart along the tracks. It follows the tracks according to how the switch is set.
  • A switch can be flipped, causing the arrow on the track junction to change accordingly.
  • A (headless) skeleton can also be observed. Doc Alice will inform you that they probably died from an advanced case of headlessness.
  • An old pickaxe, the kind you might use for removing someone's head, is lying around too. (Note the initials carved into it!)

Left Entrance[]

In here is a lever controlling a "spring-loaded ratcheting mechanism". The minecart on the tracks can be directed (shoved) here and attached to the mechanism. Getting it to work, however, requires the bag of grease. Once fully lubricated, you'll be able to fire the dynamite-loaded cart along the tracks into the rock wall blocking the right entrance.

Right Entrance[]

This area is initially blocked by rubble. To unblock it:

  • Acquire the paper bag and unstable stick of dynamite from the other room.
  • Go back up to the surface with your paper bag and interact with the barrel to the right of the foreman's office to get a bag of grease.
  • Back in the mine, put the unstable stick of dynamite in the cart.
  • Pull the switch lever to move the arrow to the up position and give the cart a shove to send it into the side chamber.
  • Pull the switch lever to move the arrow to the right position and enter the side chamber.
  • Pull the spring-loaded lever---grease it up, and send the dynamite-loaded cart along the tracks into the rubble wall.

Once inside this area you can find a weird silver idol. An El Vibrato rod will also reveal an El Vibrato monolith.

Bottomless Pit[]

Into the bottomless pit you can throw various necromancy-related objects. Doing so destroys the item (possibly reducing your future options), but rewards you with experience. You can discard the following items:

Foreman's Office[]

Head dude dubious.png The foreman
Bad guys
the foreman's ghost
XP (kill)
30 - 32
XP (intimidate)
30 - 32

Inside the foreman's office you can acquire a miner's helmet from the hatstand. You'll also encounter the foreman's ghost shuffling papers on his desk. The ghost does not seem to be aware of being dead, and you will not be able to access the safe or his desk without getting rid of him, either through combat, by Intimidatin' (level 3) him out of existence, by convincing him he is dead, or destroying his skull.

With the foreman gone, one way or another, you can investigate the safe and the desk.