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Jeweler's Cabin
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You see a plume of smoke rising over the trees to the north of you. You nudge @horsename@ in that direction and find a cozy-looking cabin nestled in a copse of pines. The ground outside is sparkly and rainbow-tinted -- a telltale side-effect of the practice of the jeweler's trade!

The Jeweler's Cabin is a location on the Coast in West of Loathing. It is mainly sparse on the outside, and once entered the only significant items of note are a Toilet and Vanity on the right side of the cabin. The Jeweler, a goblin named Master Gerald, is located on the left side of the cabin, along with a man which is later revealed to be his translator. Interacting with the Jeweler allows him to scan your inventory for any gems that may be turned into rings. If you have any suitable gems, a prompt shows that allows you make it into a ring for a fee of 500 Meat.

If you have already visited Fort Unnecessary, you can ask the jeweler about eyeglasses for the near-sighted guy there.


The Jeweler can transform any gem into a ring for 500 Meat

It is impossible to have both the coal ring and huge diamond ring simultaneously, since one must choose between having the coal or having the diamond before making either into a ring.