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Jelly Bean Thieves' Hideout
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by
Talking to Roy at Roy Bean's House

Jelly Bean Thieves' Hideout is a location in West of Loathing, north-east of Roy Bean's House. It is revealed when you agree to help Roy retrieve his bean collection.


Bad Guys[]

Head dude blackbeard angry.png The Jelly Bean Thieves
Bad guys
a scary Jellybean bandit
a mean Jellybean bandit
a burly Jellybean bandit
a dirty Jellybean bandit
a woodsy Jellybean bandit
XP (kill)
250 - 265
XP (trick)
150 - 159
bandit revolver
extra-black hat

There are multiple ways to deal with the Jelly Bean Thieves. You can fight them, or trick them by either blowing them up (requires Dynamite + Ruthless), shaming them (requires Honorable), intimidating them (requires Intimidatin' 5), using science on them (requires Outfoxin' 5), or (sort of) buying the beans from them (requires Hornswogglin' 5).