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Dirtwater hotdogstore.png
Hot Doug's Hot Dogs
Unlocked by
Rescuing Doug from Cavern Canyon

Hot Doug's Hot Dogs is a location in Dirtwater that will be available after rescuing him. He sells various foods that will increase your stats. As more of the vacant lots are occupied, Doug will sell more items, although the inventory available depends on who ends up located next door.


* beer-battered hot dog 150 Meat With Liquid Bread Brewing Co. next door
* bootleather dog 150 Meat With Tony's Boots next door
* elegant hot dog 100 Meat
* hovering dog 150 Meat With Murray's Curiosity & Bean next door
* jumbo dog 100 Meat
* leathery dog 150 Meat With Grady's Fine Leather Goods next door.
* literary hot dog 150 Meat With Alexandria's Bookstore next door
* saucy dog 100 Meat