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Hellstrom Ranch
West of the Mountains
Unlocked by

Hellstrom Ranch is a location in West of Loathing, south of the Old Railroad Camp. It is revealed when you talk to your pardner once you cross the mountains, or when you wander in this area.


Barnyard (Cow Punchers only)

"This barn is in remarkably good shape, considering the rest of the ranch."

Bad Guys[]

WoL cow.png
Hellcow fight This fight counts as a cow fight with value 1 to 4
Bad guys
1-4 of
a hellcow (muscular)
a hellcow (mystical)
a spitting cow skull (moxious)
XP (kill)
40 - 43 x number of cows
50 - 80 meat (x cows) and
1 of

1 of
1 of
  • Ringing the cowbell next to the portal summons an infernal cow for you to fight (an excellent source of XP).
    • The drops given depend on the cow types included in the combat—if muscular cows were present you receive 50 - 80 meat per cow and a tainted beefsteak or roasted cow tongue, if mystical cows were there then you can get one of infernal soul fragment, cow's blood, tainted milk, or putrid cow bile, and if moxious cows were fought then either a brass bull ring or an infernal soul fragment.
    • Your first 2 fights are against a single cow. More cows are added in further fights:
      • On your 3rd fight you have a chance of fighting 2 cows.
      • On your 4th fight you will fight 2 cows.
      • On your 5th fight you have a chance of fighting 3 cows.
      • On your 6th and 7th fight you will fight 3 cows.
      • On your 8th fight you have a chance of fighting 4 cows.
      • On your 9th and later fights you will fight 4 cows.


  • A barnyard will exist if you are playing as Cow Puncher; it will be destroyed if played as other class.
  • If you hit the gong with an infernal mallet, then the infernal sadist, Duke Bovicus, a three-horned cow-like being appears and says "WHO DARES SUMMON DUKE BOVICUS?".
    • If you did not previously sprinkle cowsbane, he says "OH, IT WAS YOU. NOT COOL. BOVICUS WAS PARTYING." and you are beaten up, waking in your bed.
    • If you previously sprinkled cowsbane, he will be trapped. You then have options to leave him there, release him, or release him in exchange for the Boon of Duke Bovicus.