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Hellcows are one type of bad guy you can face in West of Loathing.


  • Complete all activities at the circus, including the encounter with Barnaby Bob.
  • Enter Danny's Tannery where the Cows and Clowns are having a showdown.
    • Defeat all of the Cows in the tannery, and the Clowns as well if you are not working with Barnaby Bob.
    • Rescue Grady Tanner from the storage shed behind the tannery. Ask him what cowsbane is. He will give you a a packet of cowsbane seeds.
  • Grow the cowsbane seeds.
    • Put them through the Time Tube at the Curious False Mountain to make them older immediately. OR
    • Take them to the Lazy-A Dude Ranch. You'll need to also have found barbed wire (there's a roll in the locked shed at Kellogg Ranch). Take the barbed wire to be plated by The Silver Plater. With the plated barbed wire, one of the people at the ranch can grow it for you. This takes a few days. You can pass time sleeping in your bed at The Jewel Saloon.
    • You can do both, if you start with the Time Tube.
  • Become Cowrrupted. Eat a bunch of cow-related items.
    • This can later be undone by purifying yourself at the Kellogg Ranch gymnasium.
  • Retrieve an infernal mallet.
  • Take the cowsbane bale to Hellstrom Ranch and sprinkle it there. You will need the infernal mallet to summon Duke Bovicus.
    • NOTE: Do not do this step without the cowsbane. Duke Bovicus will knock you out.
    • You cannot leave until you destroy all the cows.
    • Optional: Boon of Duke Bovicus perk (+6 all M stats, -20 max HP) by promising to release the Duke. Note that you can lie here, take his boon, and then not free him.
    • If you free him, you can re-summon him into the trap again.