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Bring it on [Hard Mode], Makes the game harder and can never be removed.

Hard Mode is unlocked by finding and donning the hard hat. To get started on finding the hat in The Town of Boring Springs, you must sell at least two items to Crazy Pete. He will buy the Shiny rock, Unrefined Meat nugget, and Silver nugget. This will prompt him to tell you about "level 40" of the mine.

Returning to the mine armed with this new-found knowledge will allow you to take the elevator to level 40 where you will find the hat.

Once donned, the hat cannot be removed so you will not be able to use any other hats and you will only be able to apply a single hat-specific enhancement.



  • The limitations on grinding locations / infinite fights for resource and EXP farm only applies to certain locations already specified. It is worth knowing that when playing as a Snake Oiler you can still farm useful snake rewards by farming in the Soupstock Lode, although it is much more difficult compared to the Snake Spring. The player could also simply sleep to reset all counters, but that would prevent the player from getting The Really Hard Way achievement since it requires you to beat hardmode in a single in-game day.
  • Ranch dressing is quite useful early game especially in regions A-B (and potentially C). Having more maximum HP with adequately levelled up stats increases your ability to survive for roughly 2-4 more turns in the region. The Ghost pickle is also relatively easy to get early while being extremely helpful in the same regions.
  • Beaker of fudge is possibly one of the most helpful things you could obtain in the middle region during the midgame. It is recommended to go look for it immediately once you solved the first railroad problem. To obtain it, you could visit the petting cemetery and inquire the clerk about a missing buffalo. You will then discover the Buffalo Pile and create it using the liquid vats in there. Alternatively, simply wandering around in region F could also unlock either location.