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Gun Manor Toddler's Room
Gun Manor Children's Quarters
Unlocked by
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Two characters are having a tea-party. A lamp lights the room.



Attack her Head kid happygirl.png
Bad guys
ghostly hostess
XP (kill)
10 - 73
  • A ghostly young child is conducting a tea party with employee and a doll. You can eliminate her by either providing her with a tea service (with tea), or through combat.
  • If you still have the goblet of blood, you can try to give it to her, to no avail.
  • If you opt for combat you will need at least 67% spooky resistance to survive her initial attack.
  • A non-combat solution rewards you with 30 - 219 XP, or 3x more than the combat reward.


  • The candy counter vendor is being forced to participate in a ghostly tea party. Eliminating the ghost allows him to return to work.


  • Playing with the letter blocks allows you to rearrange them into BOO.