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Gun Manor Music Room
Gun Manor, Third Floor
Unlocked by
Access conditions needed!

The Gun Manor Music Room is located on the third floor of Gun Manor. A lamp is here, and two people (one person one ghost) are playing musical instruments.



Head ghost conductor.png Fight him Floater flute.png Floater tuba.png Floater trombone.png
Bad guys
a frustrated conductor's ghost
a flute
a tuba
a trombone
XP (kill)
30 - 219
  • On the far right is a frustrated conductor's ghost. He can be banished by playing a spooky lullaby on the piano.
  • If you opt for combat you face the conductor along with several musical instruments.
    • In Hard Mode there is an additional flute).
    • He is initially fully insubstantial, and cannot be harmed. Each instrument you destroy increases the amount of damage he can receive.
    • He mainly directs the instruments to attack you, dealing damage directly to you only if no instruments remain.


  • On the extreme left, as you enter a woman is cranking the hurdy gurdy. With sufficient Moxie you can disconnect the crank. Doing so results in her moving to the Gun Manor Visitor Center where she then operates the music-crank there.
    • "Freeing" her rewards you with 15 - 78 XP.


  • Using the bassoon produces a jump scare.