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Gun Manor Hedge Maze
Gun Manor

The Gun Manor Hedge Maze is located just past Gun Manor, to the west. A Hedge wizard took over the maze and started animating the hedges, creating hedge monsters.


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the Hedge Wizard's orb

A wild tea bush will give you a tea service (with tea) if. you have a tea service.

Bad Guys[]

the Hedge Wizard

Various hedge creatures - can also be defeated with nearly-empty herbicide can.


  • After defeating the monsters and the wizard, you will get the Hedge Wizard's journal with the letters E, N, W, S, W, and N capitalized. Following the directions, it will take you to "The Hedge" where you can get the Boon of the Hedge
  • In addition to the path to the Boon of the Hedge, there are several other sequences that can be taken to get other rewards:
    • By going N, E, W, S, you enter an area filled with newspapers, and upon reading enough of them, you receive the "Better Living through News" Perk, which adds a +1 to Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie.
    • By going W, E, E, you are taken to an area with a single toilet, which can be flushed for XP.
    • By going S, S, N, E, N, E, found by searching up the cardinal directions in the library's dictionary, you come across the Font of Knowledge, which you can drink from for 50 - 365 XP.
    • By going N, W, S, W, you come across an area with 12 graves. The 3rd grave in the second row can be interacted with to get 10 dynamite. These are both references to the original Legend Of Zelda game.