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Gun Manor Guest Room #4
Gun Manor Guest Rooms
Unlocked by
Get rid of ghost or enter through secret passage

You can enter this room from the general Gun Manor Guest Rooms area once the BnB ("Boo and Breakfast") clerk is eliminated, or from the armoire in Gun Manor Guest Room 3 (which leads to the matching armoire here).

In this room you can find the novelty salesman's ghost, and a lamp.



Attack him Head dude noveltyghost.png
Bad guys
the novelty salesman's ghost
XP (kill)
10 - 73
  • The novelty salesman's ghost can be pacified here by showing him an exploding cigar after talking to him for 30 - 219 XP.
    • Warning: After using the exploding cigar, leaving the area before he fully vanishes will softlock the game, preventing the player from ever peacefully solving his problem.