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Gun Manor Foyer
Gun Manor
Unlocked by
Speaking with Florence the Ghost Hunter

Gun Manor Foyer is the first room inside the main doors of Gun Manor. Two lamps bracket the doorway to the first floor proper. There's an intercom you can use, and a small, nonthreatening spider that Florence the Ghost Hunter fears.


  • The intercom allows you to talk to Mrs. Gun, who requests you go up to the 3rd floor to talk to her. With sufficient mysticality you can also hack it to kill the spider here.

Bad Guys[]

Exterminate it Spider.png
Bad guys
a small, nonthreatening spider
XP (kill)
10 - 73
  • There's only one opponent here, a small, nonthreatening spider. You will need to eliminate it before going further into the manor.
    • You can fight it, or with 7 - 67 Mysticality you can turn the intercom to a spider-killing frequency. There is no XP reward for the latter.


  • The gallery of Mrs. Gun eye will move based on where the player is moving at, and will persist even after dealing with Mrs. Gun ghost.