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Gun Manor Boiler Room
Gun Manor Cellar
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The Gun Manor Boiler Room is located in the cellar. It can be accessed from the cellar itself or from the wishing well in the hedge maze area. Inside are:

  • a boiler
  • a coal tank, and
  • a little spigot



  • The coal tank is initially empty. Refilling it requires you go to the Gun Manor Coal Bin next door and move the coal bin to the coalsucker.
  • You cannot turn on the boiler until the coal tank is filled.
  • The spigot is active once the boiler is working. Using it without the tea service results in some mud appearing (which does nothing other than add a small sound effect when you use the faucet in the future).
  • Once you enter the boiler room from the hedge maze the rope will remain and allow you to go back there by using it from here.
    • The token you used will be found here and can be recovered.