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Gun Manor Art Gallery
Gun Manor, Second Floor
Unlocked by
Reaching the second floor of Gun Manor

The Gun Manor Art Gallery is located on the second floor of Gun Manor, left of the elevator.

Along the back wall are 3 (initially covered) paintings, 5 posters, 3 (well 4 including Paul) statues, and then 3 statutes.

On the extreme right is the ghost of Felicity Wainwright.


The ghost of the lawyer Felicity Wainwright is here. You can either fight her in a fair duel (one-on-one, no pardners or assistants) or outlawyer her (pacify her). To pacify her you need to get both the Basics of Gun Law and Duel Law books. Start talking with her, and she will tell you that the two duelists (Macready and Timsbury) argued; at that point, if asked what the argument was about, she'll say that Timsbury accused Macready of cheating, which will also reveal that Macready had already been accused of cheating. Then you should ask her to continue to tell you the story, then ask her if a specific time was set for the duel. This will reveal that the time of the duel was high noon. After this, continue the story and then say "I'm gonna have to ask for more details on that"; you have to ask if he fired exactly at noon, then don't object but ask "did Macready fire when the church bells struck" and then object. If you say that clock noon and high noon are not the same thing, she will give you the 1878 Nautical Almanac, which proves that he didn't fire at the wrong time. You should now use the aforementioned Almanac to look up the date July, 29 and discover that, at 2:47 pm, there was a total eclipse and one of the 3 people that were going to be hanged escaped. Then, talk to the lawyer again. She will say that she needs hard evidence. After this, go to the library and investigate any of the shelves. You will find some newspapers saying 1 of the three hanged escaped. Bring this back to her again, and you will be able to talk to the Postman in Dirtwater. After talking to him, if you go back to the Desert House and go dig up Macready's grave with a Shovel, his skeleton will give you some information and his pocketwatch. Bring it back to the lawyer, and you will have won the case, as well as an Attorney's Badge.


Ts, Ats Tats Stats States Statutes


  • Tearing down the curtains reveals paintings of the letters B, O, and O.