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The Reckonin' at Gun Manor DLC takes place entirely at Gun Manor, a location removed from the regular map. You arrive at Gun Manor by taking the ghostly stagecoach from T. Gun and Co. Ltd. in Dirtwater, arriving in front of the (initially locked) Gun Manor Carriage House‎. To your left, outside the main manor entrance to the first floor, you can encounter Florence the Ghost Hunter, a pardner-like NPC. Talk to her to open the main doors to the manor.

Past the house on the left is the Gun Manor Hedge Maze, while right of the carriage house you can find the Gun Manor Visitor Center.

Gun Manor itself consists of several floors. From left to right:


The main quest involves helping Florence clear the manor of ghosts. Doing so will allow you to talk to Mrs. Gun, and reveal the secret of Gun Manor.

  • Each ghost can be dealt with directly through combat, or by solving some puzzle or other dependency.
  • How the ghosts are dealt with will affect the ending when watching it, assuming you went here at least once.

Additional things to do include:


Gun Manor follows different rules from the regular game in terms of scaling monsters, tests, and the relative power of items and consumables you find there. You can find a detailed description on the Difficulty sub-page.